Mobile Memory Keeping Part 2 │Editing Your Photos

Mobile Memory Keeping Part 2 Editing Your Photos

My favorite app for editing right now is Instagram.  The ability to sharpen photos in their app is amazing.  To save photos without posting them, you need to be offline or, I just snap a screen shot after editing and then crop my screen shot. On almost every photo I take with my phone, I increase the contrast and sharpness.  Sometimes increasing brightness and decreasing shadows. Some photos that were taken in low light, I need to decrease the warmth (or colorcast).

I also use PicTapGo.  It's Light On filter is awesome, and the black and white filters they have make quite a lot of not so great low light photos look much better.  AND, you can use PicTapGo to post non-square photos to Instagram.

After I have edited my photos, I use PicStitch to add a border.  I just like the look of the border around all the photos and how it gives a cohesive look to my pages.

When you open PicStitch and want to add a border to a single photo choose the single square
Then change the Aspect to the one you want.  I chose 6x4 here and then you can change the border thickness.

tap on the circle in the center and you will get the options of where to pull a photo from.  Then you just need to export and save to your camera roll or DropBox.

You can also use the app to make collages when you have a lot of photos you want to put on a layout. 
Choose the collage you want to use for the number of photos you would like to add. 
Again you will want to change the aspect to the photo size you wish to use, decide on a border thickness, (or no border) and then add your photos and save.

And now, I move on to adding my journaling.

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